About Project

This project aims to expand the range of Japanese companies taking on challenges in Africa, expand private sector partnerships between Japan and partner countries, and promote business development by Japanese companies. We will support creating businesses that address sustainable growth in each country by solving social issues through digital and other innovative means. We will utilize methods such as collaboration among companies in Africa, third countries, and Japanese companies.

Expanding market entry into Africa

Africa is a frontier with high potential due to population growth. Still, when looking at the current situation of Japanese companies entering the market, there is much room for further development. In developing emerging markets by Japanese companies, considering medium- to long-term strategies and the degree of growth in each country and region, it is necessary to pay attention to African emerging markets, which are the next emerging markets after the major ASEAN countries in which Japanese companies have already expanded to a considerable extent, and to build a foothold for their development. In addition, to expand market entry into Africa, it is important to accurately grasp local needs and create an environment for business development through solving social issues.

Private sector partnership between Japan and Africa

By supporting the creation of businesses that strive for sustainable growth in the region by solving social issues through digital and other innovative means while utilizing methods such as collaboration among African companies, third-country companies, and Japanese companies, we will broaden the base of Japanese companies that are taking on challenges in Africa. We will expand private sector partnerships between Japan and Africa and promote the expansion of Japanese companies into Africa and business development.

Priority areas for products, technologies, and services

Fields such as healthcare, food, and mobility that utilize digital technologies by Japanese companies will be prioritized, but applications from other fields are also welcome.

As this project is intended to conduct a feasibility study targeting African countries, the following will be implemented in the strategy planning, PMF (Product Market Fit) and business expansion phases.


Generate ideas

MVP and basic technology development

Strategy planning

Concept formulation

Market viability verification

Business hypothesis development

Find local partners

PMF Review

Prototype development

Initial structure construction

Proof of Concept

Business Expansion

Construction of a project implementation system

Contractors expansion

Eligibility for feasibility study (with accompaniment)

【Strategy planning】
・ 2 companies will be selected from applicants who are at the stage of considering strategies for new businesses in Africa
※ Note: Depending on the number of applications, companies in the PMF verification stage may also be eligible

Eligibility for feasibility study

【Strategy Planning, PMF Review, Business Expansion】
・PMF review of new business development in Africa and other regions= 8 companies in Africa(maximum) will be selected from applicants in the expansion stage
・It is assumed that companies already have knowledge and experience in expanding into developing countries or into Africa to some extent